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Whether you want to broaden your horizons and try something new or build upon skills and interests you already have, joining a club or organization is one of the best ways to do it. With dozens of offerings at ʰФ, there’s bound to be at least one group that matches your interests. If not, feel free to start one of your own!

Student Government Association (SGA)

Most of the clubs at Concordia have been chartered by the Student Government Association, which means they receive funding and are overseen by a student executive board. SGA gets its funding from the $40 Student Government Program Fee that full-time students pay. In addition to overseeing clubs, SGA works with faculty, campus ministry, and the university’s administration to represent students in all aspects of life at ʰФ and make sure the student voice is heard.

For information about SGA clubs, or if you’re interested in getting involved with SGA, contact members at SGA@cuw.edu.

Executive Board Members 2023-2024:

  • President: Abby McGue
  • Vice President: Kaylee McCarty
  • Chief Financial Officer: Dalton Hribar
  • Chief Administrative Officer: Molly Prendergast
  • Chief Organization Officer: Aaron Yurk

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SGA chartered clubs and organizations

A Capella Club

Club President's Email: James.Pape@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Mark.Bloedow@cuw.edu

A Cappella Club is a club made of smaller singing groups who meet once a week to make friends and make music. A cappella club uses only one instrument to make music: the vocal cords. Our club consists of musicians of all skill levels. If you're looking to explore your singing or beatboxing talent, this club is for you!

Alpha Chi Honor Society

Club President's Email: Yushin.Kim@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Gary.Locklair@cuw.edu

Alpha Chi is a national honor society emphasizing scholarship and service. ʰФ traditional undergraduate students who are academically ranked in the top 10% of their class are invited to participate. We are an active service organization, with activities planned by the local chapter (also known as Wisconsin Gamma 287), along with district gatherings and regional and national conventions. Members have the opportunity to present papers and compete for cash scholarships.

Best Buddies

Club Email: bestbuddiescuw@gmail.com
Club President's Email: Brooke.Sengbusch@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Linda.Hensel@cuw.edu

Best Buddies fosters one-to-one friendships among college students who have an IDD (intellectual or developmental disability) and connects students with peers on campus or in the community who do not have an IDD. The Best Buddies Colleges program provides the opportunity for people with IDD’s to be involved in their local campus and community life through programming and events.

Chemistry Club

Club President's Email: trevor.kehring@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: scott.vanornum@cuw.edu

Chemistry Club is for all to come enjoy the reactions of the natural world. From blowing up pumpkins to making elephant toothpaste, not only will we see chemistry in action but discover the reactions taking place.

College Republicans Club

Club President's Email: grant.fox@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: van.mobley@cuw.edu

College Republicans Clubs works to advance the ideas of the Republican Party and promote conservative opinions in political discussions on campus. We provide students the opportunity to participate in campus community as well as learn more about politics.

Comedy Gold

Club President's Email: Clara.Ellis@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Lori.Woodall@cuw.edu

Comedy Gold is an improv club created to provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere for students to try something new, share their comedic side with others, and relieve stress.

Comfort Dog Club

Club President's Email: Amanda.Eggebrecht@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Dave.Enters@cuw.edu

Comfort Dog Club is designed to create a positive environment on campus centered on sharing Christ's love through Concordia’s two comfort dogs. The club creates programs that bring awareness to animal assisted intervention. The club provides students with opportunities to “de-stress” and have fun

Fiber Arts Society

Club President's Email: nicole.demlow@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Lisa.McInnes@cuw.edu

The Fiber Arts Society meets every other Saturday to watch movies, talk and work on crafts. We tend to focus on fiber projects such as knitting, crocheting and cross stitch. We provide all materials as well as project help if needed. The goal of this club is to provide a nice break from the stress of classes and schoolwork by participating in therapeutic crafts with others.

German Club

Club President's Email: Ethan.Bruhn@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Jason.Lane@cuw.edu

ʰФ's German Club is a welcoming group for any who are interested in the language and culture of Germany. No previous experience required.

Hackathon Club

Club President's Email: Ross.Jacobson@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Michael.Litman@cuw.edu

The Hackathon Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to improve their problem-solving and tram cooperation skills. By bringing participants to “hackathons” in the greater Milwaukee area, students can learn and compete against peers from other universities and grow their skills.

Investment Club

Club President's Email: Andrew.Ellingham@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Thomas.Scholz@cuw.edu

Investment club is committed to bringing together students who are interested in investing and the stock market. We strive to continue learning on these topics outside of the classroom as well as provide network opportunities for students.

Korean Club

Club President's Email: heewon.oh@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Robin.Kuzu@cuw.edu

The purpose and objectives of Korean Club are to promote Korean culture among students and facilitate Korean cultural events on and off campus. We also hold activities that promote the traditions (holidays and customs); and cultural aspects (food, music, language) of Korean life.

Organ Club

Club President's Email: Eleanor.Horst@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Joel.Sproat@cuw.edu

ʰФ Organ Club endeavors to cultivate an appreciation of music in general and organ music especially by offering various events, both on and off campus. We take trips to hear the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra when possible, host on-campus hymn sings, provide opportunities for music students to perform for others, offer free club T-shirts, and arrange fun study events and outings to Organ Piper Pizza. No musical background is required to join, only an appreciation of music!

Painting Club

Club President's Email: elizabeth.beisel@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Theresa.Kenney@cuw.edu

The Painting Club exists to make a space for artists and art lovers to come together. Our common activities involve meeting regularly for painting, discussing painting techniques, and enjoying each other’s company. Painting knowledge or skill not required.

Philosophy Club

Club President's Email: Ella.Mudge@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email Angus.Menuge@cuw.edu

Philosophy Club meets regularly to delve in to deeper truths in life from a Biblical perspective. We host several campus wide events from movie viewings to discussions and forums in order to gain a better understanding of Biblical truth and how it applies to us. Come join us. John 8:31-32. If one cannot ground truth in anything, then they will have grounded truth in nothing and from nothing you derive nothing, so their will be no truth.

Psychology Club

Club President's Email: Hector.Dominguez@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor Emails: Holly.Griskell@cuw.edu, Vittoria.Sipone@cuw.edu

Psychology Club gives students a chance to practice leadership roles, work as a team, and learn about the diverse and interesting field of psychology while getting involved in campus life and in the community. The group is responsible for creating and facilitating major psych-educational service events that serve the community.

Sales and Marketing Club

Club President's Email: eli.wallace@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Daniel.Sem@cuw.edu

Sales and marketing club exists to provide students the opportunity to increase their sales skills. They bring in guest speakers from the Greater Milwaukee Area and hold activities where they promote ethical sales skills.

Spikeball Club

Club President's Email: Nathan.Bilan@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Kyle.McCarragher@cuw.edu

ʰФ Spikeball club welcomes all skill levels to participate in the fun, fast-paced game of Spikeball. While Spikeball is the central focus, our club also provides a place to build and strengthen relationships with others. Skill level does not matter. We welcome all levels of competition. Show up when you can. There is no requirements for attendance and newcomers are always welcome. Can't wait to see you soon!

Student Law Association

Club President's Email: Sydney.Farber@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Matthew.MacKelly@cuw.edu

Student Law Association exists to provide students the opportunity to create community for those interested in law or becoming a lawyer. They also provide opportunities within the community for students to create strong relationships for their legal career through guest speakers.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Club President's Email: Luke.Witte@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Samuel.Reinhardt@cuw.edu

The ʰФ Ultimate Frisbee team is a conglomerate of young student athletes who strive to better themselves on and off the field as students, athletes, and servants of God, utilizing the best of their God given gifts and abilities. This club meets regularly to practice and participates in competitions. No previous experience is required to join.

Volunteer Club

Club President's Email: hayley.vang@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Randall.Ferguson@cuw.edu

Volunteer Club provides students with the unique opportunity to get involved in service both on and off campus. The club aims to serve Ozaukee County and the Greater Milwaukee Area and gives members the chance to make new friends along the way. Volunteer Club strives to bring members together to serve God and make a difference in the lives of others.

SGA chartered pre-professional organizations

Accounting Club

Club President's Email: Dalton.Hribar@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Stacy.Stinson@cuw.edu

Concordia Accounting Club provides accounting students with unique opportunities with meetings including guest speakers, in-depth discussions and an opportunity to learn more internship and job opportunities, mentorship from accounting professionals, and a fun and friendly learning environment. The purpose of the club is to connect students with a professional network as well as provide an opportunity for them to learn about everything they can do in their future careers.

Actuarial Science Club

Club President's Email: Rachel.Seierstad@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Tim.Scheppa@cuw.edu

Actuarial Science Club allows actuarial science students to learn more about their major, network with companies outside of the school and learn valuable leadership skills for their career.

Business Scholar Association

Club President's Email: Mikayla.Sells@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Scott.Niederjohn@cuw.edu

Business Scholars Association (BSA) is a club on campus open to all students enrolled in the Batterman School of Business. BSA aims to promote general student networking for post-graduate success. We equip our members with leadership training, professional networking events, and community service experiences. This club tours organizations and in the past has visited Lambeau Field, American Family Insurance and Miller Park.

Computer Science Club

Club President's Email: Ross.Jacobson@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Joshua.Locklair@cuw.edu

Computer Science Club allows computer science majors to connect with local business through Tech Talks. We also work to connect students with internships from industry leaders. We meet regularly to create community among the major through gaming events, movie watch nights and other programming.

Director of Church Ministries Association

Club President's Email: Brittany.Johnson1@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Kurt.Taylor@cuw.edu

Director of Church Ministries Association exists to provide students the ability to create community within or learn more about the Director or Church ministries major. This club provides opportunities to learn about the call process, internships and volunteer within the community.

Education Club

Club President's Email: Adelya.Komornicka@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Jonathan.Balsman@cuw.edu

Education Club is a great way to gather with America’s next top teachers. We do fun activities, crafts, and games while building community with the education professors and your peers.

National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association

Club President's Email: Olivia.Walters@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor Emails: Heather.Pauly@cuw.edu, Kim.Sesing@cuw.edu

National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is a pre-professional association for undergraduate students interested in the study of communication sciences and disorders. The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for networking through interaction, exchanging of ideas, and sharing of knowledge with other communication sciences and disorders students. NSSLHA also functions to develop the interests and skills pertaining to the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology as well as to promote awareness through creative events, guest lectures, meetings, fundraisers, volunteering, and legislative advocacy.

Pre-Medicine Club

Club President Emails: Hannah.Wild@cuw.edu, Grace.Dierwechter@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Santa.Makstenieks@cuw.edu

Pre-Medicine Club was created to help students reach their goals of becoming health care professionals, whether as a doctor or a physician assistant. The club’s focus is to bring together like-minded individuals, helping participants succeed in undergraduate courses, and building members into more well-rounded individuals.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

Club President's Email: Kayla.Schindler@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor Emails: Joseph.Fisher2@cuw.edu, Kurt.Kolander@cuw.edu

Pre-Pharmacy Club exists to help undergraduate students learn about the field of Pharmacy. Our members are strong applicants for Pharmacy School and develop relationships with the School of Pharmacy admissions team, faculty, and other students.

Pre-Physician Assistant Club

Club President Emails: Grace.Dierwechter@cuw.edu, Caleb.Capstran@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor Emails: Joseph.Fisher2@cuw.edu, Kurt.Kolander@cuw.edu

Pre-PA club exists to provide students the opportunity to learn more about careers as a physician assistant. They provide networking opportunities to learn more about internships as well as bring in guest speakers regularly.

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

Club President's Email: Bernie.VanDenHeuvel@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Robert.Barnhart@cuw.edu

The Pre-Physical Therapy Club serves as a resource for all Pre-PT students at ʰФ to provide mentoring throughout their journey towards physical therapy school acceptance and assist them through the application process. Events are tailored towards informational sessions and bonding activities to facilitate collaboration between club members. Informational meetings include content geared towards observation hours, research opportunities, ʰФ PT faculty speakers, graduate student panel, interview prep, and navigating the PTCAS application. Bonding activities may vary and include events such as Special Olympics volunteering, campfires, hiking, and spikeball.

Pre-Seminary Student Association

Club President's Email: Harrison.Hulse@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Jason.Lane@cuw.edu

The Pre-Seminary Student Association (PSSA) provides tools, encouragement and opportunities for growth for those who are considering or planning to go to seminary to become pastors. The group’s monthly meetings are opportunities for fellowship and growth, and often include an address by a professor, a local pastor or chaplain, a missionary, or some other guest speaker. Other highlights include free trips to Concordia Theological Seminary and Concordia Seminary, assisting in chapel, leading devotions, helping in local congregations, taking part in campus ministries, and more.

Sport and Hospitality Business Club

Club President's Email: Annalina.VanHercke@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Daniel.Underberg@cuw.edu

Sport and Hospitality Business Club exists to provide networking opportunities for students interested in careers in sports and hospitality. They meet regularly where they bring in guest speakers and create community among students interested in this field.

Sports Medicine Society

Club President's Email: Colleen.Gilligan@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: April.Gotzler@cuw.edu

Sports Medicine Society is a student organization aimed at enhancing member education and community awareness about the athletic training profession while providing opportunities for networking, activities, and building relationships with other members.

Student Imaging Association

Club President's Email: abigail.hillner@cuw.edu

Student Imaging Association exists to provide students the opportunity to learn more about careers in medical imaging.

Student Social Work Organization

Club President's Email: Natalie.Mullens@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Nichole.Ostrowski@cuw.edu

ʰФ Student Social Work Organization (SSWO) is a club that aims to connect social work students. We regularly host events to create community and to provide and opportunities for students to give back to the community. As a club, we strive to help promote social welfare, social justice, and equality through our events. We encourage everyone who is passionate about interacting with and caring for others, to join us, even if you aren't a Social Work student!

Student Nurses Association of ʰФ

Club President's Email: Halli.Schneiderwendt@cuw.edu
Faculty Advisor's Email: Giannina.Vernon@cuw.edu

The Student Nurses Association of Concordia University of Wisconsin (SNA) focuses on service to communities that are in need of health care services. SNA is able to help nursing students become involved in their small and large communities by creating events here on campus for all to attend and then also hosting volunteer events usually off campus. Every year we are able to attend the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association convention which brings in nursing speakers of all specialty to hear. Our goal is to welcome all the new nursing students into their future profession but also support our local community.

Graduate student groups