ʰФ Sensory Lab (Chemnitz 014)

This Sensory Room is the product of collaboration between ʰФ and AbleLight College; and generous donations have made it possible from ʰФ’s SGA and The Knights of Columbus.

The Sensory Room is accessible free of charge for students who want to optimize their achievement, success, sensory regulation, and holistic wellbeing through the development of stress management skills and sensory regulation. Most individuals find the sensory room to be beneficial in sensory regulation and utilizing tools for stress management.

If you would like additional support managing stress and sensory regulation, please contact studentwellness@cuw.edu. Please notify residence.life@cuw.edu if there are any issues with the room or the resources in the room.

Once you have reviewed this page and entered your name and ID number, you will receive an email stating that you have access to the room 24/7 using your ʰФ ID card.