Meal Plans and Dining Options for the Academic Year

Resident Meal Plans:
  • Block 200 - 200 meals (per semester) + 200 Falcon Points (per semester)
  • 19 Meal Plan - 19 meals (per week) + 50 Falcon Points (per semester)
  • 15 Meal Plan - 15 meals (per week) + 100 Falcon Points (per semester)
  • 10 Meal Plan - 10 meals (per week) + 300 Falcon Points (per semester)
Commuter/Non-resident Meal Plans:
  • Commuter 5 - 5 meals (per week) + 200 Falcon Points (per semester)
  • Commuter 50/75 - 50 meals (per semester) + 75 Falcon Points (per semester)

Click here to view the 2024-2025 dining service calendar.

Non-Resident Students

Non-resident students may buy a resident meal plan or select the Commuter meal plan. This can be arranged by contacting the Residence Life Office. Please also see our  for additional information.


How do I use my meal plan?

You must present your student ID each time you wish to use your meal plan or Falcon Points.

What happens to meal plan meals if I don't use them up every week?

Depending on your plan, the meals are reset every Sunday.

What are Falcon Points?

Falcon Points are dollars that can be used at the Siebert Dining Hall, the Falcon's Nest, The Landing, The Coop, or the vending machines on campus. Each Falcon Point is the equivalent to one dollar.

What happens to Falcon Points if I don't use them up?

Falcon Points that remain at the end of the semester are forfeited.

Where can I use meal plan meals?

You can use your meals at Siebert Dining Hall, The Landing, The Coop, and the Falcon's Nest.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

It is University policy that if you are staying in the residence halls on campus you must have a meal plan. If you fail to choose a meal plan, you will automatically be assigned the Meal Plan of 15.

When can I change my meal plan?

Come to the Residence Life Office within the first week of class to change your meal plan. We cannot make any changes after Friday of the first week of class each semester.

How do I add money to my card?

Stop by the University Business Office in Stuenkel to add money to your card or to purchase a meal plan. You can also purchase Falcon Points or Commuter Meal Plans at our .

Who should I speak with if I have a food allergy?

General Manager: Angela Jensen

You can email angela.jensen@cuw.edu or call (262) 243-4309, to set a time to discuss your needs with her or the chef.

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