Stretch your faith

Any athlete knows that in order to compete at the highest level, you need to train. The same can be said of our faith. Through frequent exposure to God’s Word, attendance at Daily Chapel, or a commitment to ongoing prayer, we can condition ourselves to face life’s toughest obstacles with Christ as our guide.

This “faith muscle” is one we encourage all of our students—including our student-athletes—to stretch often during their time at Concordia. With about a third of our undergraduate population committed to one of the university’s 30 NCAA DIII teams, Concordia has put in place several opportunities for athletes to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Concordia employs a half-time Director of Faith Integration for Athletics who works closely with student-athletes and coaches.

Some duties include:
  • Coordinating and/or giving prayers and devotions before games and practices
  • Being a resource to coaches for their personal faith and helping them find ways to foster helpful expressions of faith on their teams
  • Encouraging and mentoring captains or leaders on teams in their personal faith development
  • Working closely with Concordia's Campus Pastor and other ministry leaders to involve student-athletes in on-campus initiatives or opportunities focused on faith formation
  • Working with the Director of Christian Services to provide opportunities for teams and individuals to grow in their Christian service through specific service projects
  • Overseeeing CORE Training (Conditioning Our Run Eternally), a student organization that unites ʰФ athletes for fellowship centered on God's Word, and creates opportunities for team devotions and large-group activiites with athletes from all sports