How to accept your award letter:

Award Letter Instructions

Financial Assistance

 - Follow the link for an outside scholarship search engine designed specifically for Graduate students. 

Federal Direct Stafford Student Loan Program - enables students to borrow federally insured loans through Concordia University.

Graduate Assistant - Periodically, positions are posted with the Graduate Office. This position allows a graduate student the opportunity to work for the University in a variety of areas for a stipend. Please contact the department for which you are interested in working to inquire of available Graduate Assistantships.

Veterans Educational Assistance - Concordia University is an approved educational institution at which students may receive veteran's benefits. Veterans should check with their local V.A. office for more information.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement - Concordia University works with employers to aid students with tuition reimbursement.

Uncommon Scholarships

New scholarships that range from $150-$500 per three-credit course! Click here to learn more.

Application Process

Students must complete the . After the student enrolls for classes an award letter will be mailed to the student to accept or decline. Aid will disburse after the first week of classes or after the first assignment is submitted for E-learning students.

Financial Aid Forms