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You, along with your peers, come to Concordia with a unique set of skills, interests, and dreams. Each of you also come with varying levels of awareness and embrace for these gifts which have been bestowed upon you. Our steadfast duty is to help you explore these gifts and harness each towards the fulfillment of your academic and career goals. These two interests are inherently interwoven, and are integral to your chosen vocation.

Major exploration

Your advisor will accompany you along the way in discovering your gifts and talents to make an uncommon impact in a common world. Click here to learn more about exploring majors.

Career exploration

Your advisor will connect you with career resources available for your next steps in career engagement. Click here to learn more about finding a career.

Events, workshops, fairs and more

A list of upcoming events, and an archive of previous recorded webinars and trainings. Check out our events and videos here.

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