More than just books

Would you believe there’s probably as much swag in the ʰФ bookstore as there are books? It's true! Really, it’s the place to go when you want to sport anything blue and gold. Hoodies, polos, tees, pullovers, shorts, and sweats. But also water bottles, coffee mugs, totes, magnets, I.D. lanyards, even plush Freddy the Falcon stuffed animals. You get the idea. So swing by anytime you feel the need to amp up your school pride a few degrees and let out your inner Falcon. Because, let’s be honest: Who couldn’t use a little more swag in their life?


When it comes to textbooks for class you have several options:
  • Purchase books directly from ʰФ's Bookstore, located on the ground floor of Albrecht (AL 102)
  • Our price match guarantee lightens the load of what is sometimes a frustrating and expensive experience 
  • Visit the  to purchase books online
  • Order books from the Book Center by telephone (262-243-4349) or online
  • Order books from e-businesses over the internet
  • Rent books from the ʰФ Bookstore

On your first day of class your teachers will expect you to have (in your possession) all required textbooks that are in stock at the Bookstore.


Location: AL 102
Phone: 262-243-4349
Email: bookstore@cuw.edu