Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Develop the skills and knowledge to serve as a public health advocate


Doctor of Pharmacy

A 4-year PharmD program centered on patient care and servant leadership in healthcare.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) & Master of Public Health Dual Degree

As health care reform continues to be at the forefront of the health care industry, prevention-focused public health is projected to grow in demand and importance. Pharmacists can play a critical role in leading and changing this discussion.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and MBA Dual Degree

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with dual PharmD and MBA degrees from ʰФ. Start work on both your first semester. Average completion time: Four years!

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificates in Interprofessional Practice and Education (IPE)

Complete the IPE Certificate and differentiate yourself as an aspiring leader in collaborative health and social care.

Natural Products Science Certificate

Increase your knowledge and awareness in nutraceuticals or medical cannabis to help others.


Master of Science in Natural Products Science

Develop your skills and knowledge in the innovative and emerging field of natural products.


Pharmacy Residency

Our Pharmacy Residency program (PGY1) is designed to prepare academic ambulatory care practitioners with a specific focus on urban underserved practice settings.