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Why a Minor in Theological Studies? This program gives you options. If you simply want to study God’s Word for the sake of your personal growth, you'll receive a solid foundation in doctrine. However, there is much more you will benefit from with a theology degree.


New freshman undergrads planning to be LCMS pastors may be eligible to receive $20,000.

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Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

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Program Overview

God reveals himself through his Word and, to a lesser degree, through his world. This program examines the Bible, God’s revealed Word, in broad introductory overviews of the Holy Scriptures (isagogics) as well as in close reading of a particular biblical book (exegetical studies). This program also studies God’s providence in history. In addition, students receive practical training in the application of their studies in ministry to others.

Through participation in, and upon completion of, the Minor in Theological Studies at ʰФ, students will:

  • Have a greater understanding of God’s Word, the Holy Scriptures
  • Appreciate the value of sound Christian doctrine based squarely on the Bible
  • Develop a heightened awareness of God’s working throughout history
  • Grow in their relationship with Christ and put his teachings into practice in their vocations
  • Employ various methods of delivering and defending biblical truth in a relevant and practical way to diverse groups
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research skills
What to Expect

You can expect to benefit from a well-rounded study of biblical and systematic theology, along with the application of theology in your life within the Christian Church. You’ll be delving into the Old and New Testaments, systematic doctrine, and practical theology (teaching and worship). We offer a lot (seriously, a LOT) of theology electives, so you can explore and grow in the particular areas that interest you.

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