Speak your mind

Having good ideas does little good if you can't effectively share those ideas with others. Learn and practice effective methods for articulating your thoughts to effectively influence and communicate with others.


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Program Overview

Concordia's undergraduate certificates provide students with the opportunity to specialize in another field outside of their major course of study. They can also help secondary/K12 education students earn teacher licensure in various areas of interest.

The speech communication certificate explores proven methods of verbally communicating using logic, critical thinking, and rhetoric to help your audience understand your point of view. You'll gain hands-on experience in forming arguments in one-on-one and public speaking scenarios to practice influencing, leading, and communicating with others.

Upon completion of this certificate, students will:

  1. Develop strategies to enhance verbal and nonverbal delivery while delivering a speech
  2. Employ argumentation skills through debate and academic discourse
  3. Articulate the communication process and how verbals, nonverbals, emotions, perceptions, and self-concept all affect interpersonal relationships
  4. Examine and reflect on the elements in group dynamics, including leadership theories
  5. Analyze and evaluate media and their influences

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