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With a minor in Spanish, you will be a more effective teacher to engage and involve students who are English language learners. Your studies will illuminate and celebrate differences to be a part of bridging cultures together. Your training in both language and education will help students truly understand the learning intentions within the classroom, and find truth in the meaning of the lesson.

Program Overview

You will be able to communicate with native speakers globally and, with the rise of bilingualism, within your own community. You will be expected to use applied linguistics to solve language-related issues that present themselves in classroom scenarios. You will be able to approach Spanish grammar, literature and writing with confidence. With volunteer work and internships, and opportunities to travel within the U.S. or abroad, you will immerse yourself in Spanish experiences to better understand the culture and context within your field.

What to Expect

Within the Spanish Minor, you will learn to master the tools of clear and meaningful communication with intensive conversation, literature and composition study. The Spanish Minor is available in the Elementary/Middle-School Education Major, is licensable 1365 and includes 24 credits.

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