Hands-on learning through quantitative and qualitative research

Concordia's undergraduate research certificate gives students an understanding of research methods as well as the opportunity to conduct hands-on research within one of five disciplines. The certificate builds critical thinking skills and analytical reasoning abilities that prepare the student for life-long learning; in continuing studies in graduate school, or practical application in a wide variety of careers.

5 Disciplines

Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Physiology, Psychology, and Theater

All majors

Any Concordia student can pursue this certificate

Program Overview

The purpose of research is to uncover knowledge- whether through investigation of existing information, or by novel experimentation of untested hypotheses. Learning how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research builds analytical abilities, critical thinking skills, and higher order thinking that will help you in any career in which you may find yourself. Not to mention, having this research certificate on your transcript boosts your resume and looks good to future employers and graduate schools. This 15-credit certificate gives you hands-on experience with:

  • Literature reviews
  • The scientific method
  • Data collection
  • Conducting experiments
  • Summarizing and communicating findings
Concentrations / Specializations
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Theater

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