Service to Christ

Christ’s example of treating all people with compassion, respect, and understanding is at the heart of the Psychology Department’s mission. Our students are empowered to use their God-given talents and the skills and knowledge they gain from Psychology courses to become actively involved in serving others through various Christian vocations.

Sample Careers
  • Psychology Teacher
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • School Psychologist
Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $23,395.

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Program Overview

The mission of the Psychology Department is to provide students with a broad knowledge of psychology, encourage students to use this knowledge in serving others within the context of the Christian faith, and prepare students to pursue helping professions and/or graduate study.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

ʰФ’s psychology programs provide students with a strong knowledge base in the field in the areas of interpersonal interactions, learning, human development, personality, group dynamics, research methods, and mental health. Our students engage in critical thinking using scientific inquiry as well as develop communication skills for effective writing, presentation, and connecting with people. Students also learn ethical and social responsibility in the context of Christian citizenship. Lastly, the Psychology Department emphasizes professional development and prepares students for success.

The degree in psychology program is also available as a minor. 

What to Expect

The Psychology Department highlights a Biblical view of human nature in all courses. Students will compare and contrast psychological concepts to this Biblical worldview in several areas, such as: seeing all people as made in God’s image, being part of the Body of Christ in need of salvation, and seeking meaning and purpose. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge according to Martin Luther’s notion of vocation - how they can lovingly serve their neighbor in everyday tasks. Service to Christ, the church, and the world is an important part of our programs in psychology.

Our students apply classroom concepts through regular departmental service-learning projects held every semester. Students engage in experiential learning throughout the curriculum. Psychology majors apply for senior status and take two capstone courses where they complete a field practicum and an independent research project. Upon graduation, most students pursue graduate education at the Master’s level. Moreover, our students are also successful in directly entering the workforce and gaining admission to doctoral programs.

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