Discover how to serve in healthcare as pharmacist

Become a caring and skilled pharmacist at Concordia University. Discover your calling through rigorous courses and hands-on patient care and compounding labs on campus. Gain valuable clinical experiences in healthcare settings and actively participate in community outreach initiatives. Join our close-knit pharmacy community to learn, support, and grow together on a rewarding 4-year doctoral journey.


Apply through PharmCAS starting in mid-July of every year for fall enrollment.

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NAPLEX Results

Our 2023 PharmD graduates earned a first-time pass rate of 91.7% for 2nd in our region.

Tuition Fees

For 2024-2025, semester tuition is $21,720.

Scholarship Opportunities
Paths to PharmD

Different pathways exist to gain entrance into our pharmacy school.

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Program Overview

Participate in our well-structured 4-year PharmD program, complete with summer breaks that allow you to recharge, engage in valuable work experiences, and expand your pharmacy connections. Your overall well-being is essential to your academic journey, and as a pharmacy community, we provide a range of opportunities and resources to ensure you maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit throughout your PharmD student experience.

Patient-Centered Care

Immerse yourself in a patient-centered program where you will develop the skills and expertise needed to provide compassionate care as a pharmacist. Our on-campus patient labs offer an interactive learning environment to refine your techniques and approaches. You will benefit from recorded lab sessions for personalized feedback and support from professors. Expand your pharmacy knowledge through core courses and hands-on experiences in our compounding labs, where you will learn to prepare custom medications. Our diverse faculty, including practicing pharmacists, researchers, and scientists, bring a wealth of experience and passion to guide your pharmacy education

Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Our PharmD program strategically schedules practice experiences (clinicals) during course breaks, allowing you to focus on hands-on training under the guidance of experienced clinical instructors. Collaborating with renowned healthcare organizations like Ascension, Aurora, and others in the region, you will gain diverse exposure to different healthcare scenarios and treatment modalities, preparing you to excel as a pharmacist in a variety of settings.

Servant Leadership

Discover the impactful volunteer opportunities within local communities that create lasting memories for our pharmacy students. Identify what resonates with you, and we will connect you with programs seeking pharmacy-related services. Our students and faculty actively engage with a range of non-profit organizations, including and the , fostering a sense of community and making a difference beyond the classroom.

What to Expect

Beyond the required courses during the first three years of pharmacy school, you will need to complete experiential education which will strengthen your pharmacy knowledge and skills. 

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)

  • Participate in (two) 1-week rotations each semester in hospital and community pharmacy settings during your P1 and P2 years. 
  • Option to complete elective IPPEs during your P3 year for a minimum of 96 hours to explore more specific areas of pharmacy.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs)

  • Participate in 6-week rotations in various setting during your P4 year of pharmacy school
    • Community pharmacy 
    • Acute Care medicine
    • Hospital/Health system pharmacy
    • Ambulatory care
    • Elective 

Post Graduation 

With a Doctor of Pharmacy, you can pursue a caeer in various areas of pharmacy to align with your abilities, interests and goals in healthcare. Pharmacists play an integral role in the care of patients with other healthcare professionals to deliver optimal care to every individual.

After earning your PharmD, there is the option to complete a pharmacy residency to gain specialization within an advanced pharmacy field. ʰФ has a pharmacy residency program in ambulatory care with a focus on serving in underserved urban areas. 

Concordia PharmD Residency Match Rates (2023)

  • 90.9% match rate for PGY1 (post-graduate year one) which beats the national average by 10 points
  • 75% match rate for PGY2 (post-graduate year two)

State Licensure

As an accredited Doctor of Pharmacy degree program, your PharmD degree from the School of Pharmacy at ʰФ allows you to pursue licensure as a pharmacist in any state in the United States. The exact licensure processes, post-graduate expectations, and application processes vary by state. Please visit the Board of Pharmacy site for your state of interest to learn more about their specific processes for seeking licensure as a pharmacist.


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