Become a healthcare leader in medical cannabis or nutraceuticals

Gain specialized knowledge in the field of natural product sciences to provide better and more comprehensive care to your patients. A higher level of expertise in medical cannabis and herbal medicines can help introduce new treatment options for patients with more confidence. This certificate can secure a greater role for you in healthcare settings as a trusted resource with other providers and patients.

Cost Per Credit$940
Medical Plants

Study the history, trends, benefits, and risks of medical cannabis.


Study the history, and the scope and development of plant-based healthcare products.

Program Overview

Choose only one area of study for this online certificate, medical cannabis or nutraceuticals. Each specialization is a 4-course sequence (12 credits total) that presents relevant, emerging, and thought-provoking information to healthcare providers and other professionals in the field.

Medical Cannabis Courses

  • History of Medical Cannabis in the World
  • Cannabis Science
  • Clinical Efficacy of Cannabis
  • Cannabis in the Interprofessional Setting

Nutraceuticals Courses

  • Classification and Scope
  • Discovery and Development Processes
  • Science of Distribution
  • Business Aspects

The faculty in this program have expertise in microbiology, toxicology, pharmacy, and cannabinoid pharmacology. Our comprehensive curriculum will help you develop a better understanding of the history, trends, therapeutic benefits, and adverse effects for medical cannabis and other natural medicines. The use of herbal supplements and alternative plant-based treatments continues to increase and it is imperative that patients and providers are well-informed when making healthcare decisions. 

What to Expect

Program Details

  • 100% online program
  • Select one specialization (medical cannabis or nutraceuticals)
  • BA or BS is required to earn this certificate
  • Start date is July 2023

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