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The Spanish for Health Care Professionals Certificate it tailored to enhance health care students to be linguistically and culturally prepared to interact with Hispanic patients.

Sample Careers
  • Social Worker
  • Registered Nurse
  • Pharmacist

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Program Overview
The health care industry is beginning to require many positions to be bilingual or bicultural and this need has doubled in the last few years alone. Current health care professionals are unable to communicate with a large portion of their patients and are under-prepared in their interactions with diverse groups. It is our mission to prepare students for their life of service to have empathy and cultural competency that will enable them to interact with these diverse groups of patients.
What to Expect
A certificate in Spanish sets candidates for jobs apart from others as employers know they are gaining someone who is linguistically but also culturally competent to work with diverse populations. Spanish compliments all health care programs and broadens the spectrum of service one can give to a larger population.

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