Develop and lead high-quality, safe, and effective healthcare systems with an MBA

Gain higher-level leadership skills to successfully manage and improve the operations of a healthcare organization. Though not directly involved with patients in healthcare administration, you will experience a rewarding career that is focused on helping healthcare providers and people. Learn to lead the processes, public policies, and people within the healthcare industry with confidence and care.

Cost Per Credit$725
Format Options

For each course, choose to take it online on your own time, via Zoom in real-time, or in-person.


Multiple opportunities to start during the fall, spring, & summer semesters. Apply at any time!

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Program Overview

Our flexible program delivers relevant graduate-level courses led by full-time faculty and healthcare experts that serve as adjunct faculty. The flexibility starts with the option to chose the modality for each 8-week course throughout the program. Choose to be in the classroom on our Mequon campus or to take a course online. You can even switch the format from course to course to fit your learning needs and schedule. The MBA program requires you to earn 36 credits and 12 of those credits will come from courses in healthcare administration. It's your MBA program and you need to do what works for you.


Graduate Certificate

Post-Baccalaureate students can earn a graduate certificate by selecting four courses within one of the MBA concentration areas or within the MBA core for a total of twelve credits. Students may at any time transition into the MBA degree program course of study through the standard application process.

What to Expect

With an MBA in healthcare administration, you will better understand management in healthcare and how to work with insurance companies. Develop the knowledge to handle challenges that may arise with budgeting, human resources, and public policy issues. You will have the opportunity to complete an internship in the healthcare sector to further build your expertise. Upon completion of this program, you will be a stronger leader with increased financial competence, better writing abilities, and stronger strategic problem-solving skills to better serve in healthcare.

Consider adding a bachelor's degree in public health which will give you the skills and understanding to help protect and promote the health of the general population through prevention and health equity. Knowledge in public health will enhance your abilities to serve in healthcare administration.

Questions? We’re here to help