Navigate the vast world of geography

Our world is an amazing place, abundant in varying geographies that shape civilizations, economies, the cooperation and conflicts between nations, and consequently the entire history and future of our planet. Dive into the earth's geography and the tools and technologies that have been developed to help navigate it.


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Program Overview

Concordia's undergraduate certificates provide students with the opportunity to specialize in another field outside of their major course of study. They can also help secondary/K12 education students earn teacher licensure in various areas of interest.

The geography certificate provides students with an understanding of geographical features, different types of maps and other tools that are used to help navigate the earth's complex geography, and how the earth's geography has shaped and continues to shape human history.

Upon completion of this certification, students will:

  1. Understand map types and uses, and apply geographical concepts to current events in the past,
    present, and future
  2. Appreciate the natural factors that influence weather and climate, as well as the terms that
    define them, in the context of the earth’s makeup of biomes, primary spheres, and geomorphic
  3. Explain spatial patterns and variations in human population, internal and international
    immigration, and how geography impacts conflict and cooperation in the world
  4. Classify geographic regions by human or physical characteristics, and know the major regions of
    the world
  5. Engage in discussion on environmental influences on geography, including how human activities
    and decisions modify the physical environment; how the human and physical system of
    geography interact
  6. Recognize, describe and synthesize the essential narratives of peoples and civilizations around
    the world, particularly in terms of chronology and geography
  7. Demonstrate knowledge and cultural understanding of European, American and non-Western
    civilizations and to compare those cultures across time

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