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Statistics show our nation’s immigrant population has doubled since 1990. That’s huge. As educators, we need to be prepared for an influx of students who know very little English—or none at all. Teachers who are able to navigate students through this minefield of language confusion are going to be in high demand. Our program equips educators, preparing them for exactly this situation.

Program Overview

Imagine a student raising their hand in your classroom and asking you a question in a foreign language. This may be the case, more and more, as our culture blends with those from around the world, and immigration continues to increase. As an educator, we want you to feel confident as you help these students achieve their fullest potential. God made us in many different colors, with so many different voices. Use yours to help prepare these students for their bright futures.

Students who desire licensure in another state must contact their state department of education for details about whether or not this coursework will meet state requirements.

What to Expect

Imagine the satisfaction of being able to help struggling students overcome language barriers! At Concordia, we can adequately equip you to do this. Our minor in English as a Second Language program includes coursework in cross-cultural communication and basic English linguistics for teachers of language learners, as well as strategies for teaching these struggling students. This program is a certifiable minor or license-based on equivalency to a minor.

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