Earn your licensure in school administration online

Create a rewarding K-12 school experience for students, teachers, and support staff. Develop your leadership skills and enhance your knowledge of the educational system to ensure schools develop well-rounded, successful learners. Lead schools to recognize diversity and be responsive to the ever-changing needs of a global community. Chose to further expand your expertise with a master's in educational administration.

Cost Per Credit$715
Program Options

Obtain a licensure only. Add on a master's degree or even a concentration.

Online Format

Engage in self-paced online courses or opt to take via Zoom at a scheduled time with other students.

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Program Overview

This online school administration program will empower you to manage the needs and goals of students, teachers, support staff, and others in a learning community. Within a specific licensure area, you will build the skillset and knowledge to provide strategic direction, instructional support, and effective management. Learn to effectively oversee legal, financial, personnel, school safety, and other emerging topics facing individuals in school leadership.

Wisconsin K-12 School Principal licensure (#5051)

  • Students are required to hold a current and valid WI Professional Educator's License to earn the Principal licensure.
  • Develop the skills to be an effective and respected leader for teachers, school staff, families, and the students in a school. Build the confidence and expertise to implement new practices for continued improvement and collaboration at each grade level.
  • Add on the Athletic Administration concentration (15 credits)

Wisconsin Director of Instruction licensure (#5010)

  • Students are required to hold a current and valid WI Professional Educator's License to earn the Director of Instruction licensure. 
  • Learn how to effectively create, maintain, and adapt instructional practices across a school district. Establish interpersonal skills to work cooperatively with teachers and school principals to develop instructional materials. Understand the process of assessments to ensure state requirements are being met in K-12 classrooms.
  • Add on the Athletic Administration Concentration (15 credits)

Wisconsin Director of Special Education and Pupil Services licensure (#5080)

  • Students are required to hold a current and valid WI Professional Educator's License to earn the Special Education and Pupil Services licensure. You must have completed six semesters of full-time classroom teaching, or six semesters as a pupil services professional including 540 hours of classroom teaching by the end of the program.
  • Learn how to establish and manage high-quality special education services in a school district. Gain the awareness and skills to effectively promote inclusion in classrooms. Understand how to develop a culture that supports the success of students with disabilities throughout a school district.

Wisconsin School Business Administrator licensure (#5008)

  • Students are NOT required to hold a current and valid WI Professional Educator's License to earn the School Business Administrator licensure.
  • Learn to understand how school districts operate and guide them twoards financial well-being. Develop the business skills to help manage the multiple facets needed to maintain well-performing and stable schools for a community. Advance your skills  and understanding in accounting practices, budgeting, administrative duties, funding, and more. 

Depending on your goals and prior experience, you can chose to earn your licensure only or pursue your licensure AND your master's degree in educational administration. 

What to Expect

This is a fully online program that is designed and taught by individuals with real experience as school administrators. The curriculum will prepare you to administer positive changes in schools, facilitiate healthy relationships between teachers and administration, ensure classrooms are culturally responsive, and implement new programs and strategies to maintain growth and success in your school or school district.

Class sizes are small to provide individualized attention during 8-week course sessions. Chose the modality that best fits your needs and schedule.

Online (collaborative)
  • 100% online
  • No required class times*
  • Some courses may have optional online class meetings
  • Students work with their group via discussion boards
    *EDG 5100 will have set class times.
Virtual (collaborative)
  • 100% online
  • Class dates are at a scheduled time via Zoom
  • Students do independent and group work

Develop key leadership dispositions to effectively serve a learning community as an educational administrator. This will enable you to be an inspiring and impactul leader that ensures high-quality and accessible education is provided to each and every student.

  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Caring
  • Courage 
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Ability to Think Critically

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