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You take the dollar bill and the human race, and where the two intersect you have economics. It’s that simple! And lucky for you, our country just happened to be founded on the principles of capitalism. With an ever-changing marketplace, there’s always more than enough material to feed your studies. Check it out: a degree in economics pairs well with finance, accounting, and many other programs in the Batterman School of Business.


All courses offered face-to-face on main campus.

Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $23,395.

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Program Overview

It’s not a chicken-or-the-egg sort of thing. The truth is, humanity and the marketplace enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Both have seen their ups and downs. Both have been the cause and the effect. This program explores the economic problems faced by individuals, business, and nations by offering courses in the historical, practical, theoretical, and empirical aspects of economics. You will graduate with a firm understanding of the basis of the discipline and be prepared to position yourself and your organization to survive and thrive in any environment. You’ll be qualified to seek employment in the private, public, or nonprofit sector or to seek advanced degrees and graduate study.

What to Expect

You might expect to master the models and competing theoretical frameworks that shape economics in a program like this one – and you’d be right on the money. You’ll also study the factors that drive human behavior in the marketplace and the principles and theories of macro and micro-economics. You’ll look at consumer demand for goods and services, and the ways in which economic policy impacts national welfare. And don’t worry, you’ll study enough inflation, unemployment, and economic growth to satisfy your itch.