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Early childhood is a critical age. It’s a time when children are so full of wonder, and it’s the time to lay the groundwork for their entire educational experience. This academic program will prepare you to be an early childhood educator, and get you ready to work with children from birth through 9th grade.


All courses offered face-to-face on main campus.

Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $23,395.

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Program Overview

The Early Childhood and Elementary Education program will prepare you work with children from birth through 9th grade in a variety of settings. Faith is integrated through every step, so communication, compassion, and love will aid you in your fulfilling future career with children.

Students who desire licensure in another state must contact their state department of education for details about whether or not this coursework will meet state requirements.

This program offers a Lutheran Teacher Diploma track if you’d like to pursue education as an LCMS church work professional. It also has a Christian Teacher Certification track if you’d rather pursue education in another Christian school setting. Both tracks include an additional 9 credits of coursework to prepare you to teach religion and to integrate faith throughout the curriculum. Each track leads to a Wisconsin teacher license to allow you to serve as a Christian teacher in a public school as well

What to Expect

In this program, you will work toward becoming a licensed early childhood educator, with options that would allow you to teach in Lutheran, Christian, or public school settings. During your time at Concordia, you will take classes in both liberal arts and early childhood education so that you will be well prepared to teach all subjects in an early childhood classroom. Your program will include fieldwork, practicums, and student teaching to give you real experience and practice for your future vocation! Your early childhood education professors know you by name and prepare you for a career of lifetime satisfaction to make a positive impact on children’s lives.

Concentrations / Specializations

As an education major, you can add several of concentrations and certifications– no matter your interests. Once in the School of Education, your advisor will work with you to schedule classes and specializations based on your educational and career interests.

Early Childhood dual majors do not need one of these specialization areas, however you can still pick minors or concentrations if you wish to. These concentrations and specializations also apply to other departments, specifically Elementary Education. Rest assured, you do not need to choose one of these before entering the School of Education. Once in the School of Education, your advisor will work with you to schedule classes and specializations based on your educational and career interests.

See the list below for the current specialties. This list often changes, so please check with a School of Education faculty or staff member on current specialties.

  • Adaptive Education - (licensable minor)
  • Compassion Care
  • K-9 English Education
  • K-9 Mathematics Education
  • K-9 STEM Education
  • K-9 Social Studies Education
  • Theology
  • Urban Education

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