Why CTLA is right for you:

The Concordia Teacher and Learning Academy (CTLA) is an innovative program that will strengthen the skills and confidence of non-licensed educators that are teaching in Wisconsin Choice program schools. Participants will engage in coursework and a mentorship with a licensed teacher to earn their CTLA Certificate.

Program Overview

With these self-paced courses, you will start learning applicable skills immediately. All the while earning graduate credits.

Choose your path

Worried about the time commitment of getting your master’s degree and Wisconsin licensure? Compare the CTLA with Concordia’s other options:

  • CTLA Certificate
  • CTLA Certificate + Master's Degree + Licensure
  • Master's Degree + Licensure

For more information about CTLA, please contact:

Sarah Mayer

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What to Expect
The Concordia Teacher and Learning Academy at Concordia allow educators to obtain credit for license renewal and professional development. CTLA courses are designed to equip you with skills that you can use today to improve your teaching practice. Best of all, these courses are delivered 100% online.