Classical education still applies today

Some might argue the classical approach to education is outdated, but we beg to differ. In today’s world—where endless knowledge is accessible at just the click of a button—it’s more important than ever to teach students how to learn and how to think. And that’s exactly what classical education does. By honing your classical skills, you’ll be well equipped to teach others in a manner that’s been around for centuries.

Program Overview
The Classical Pedagogy minor will help you gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will prepare you for your vocations as a Classical educator. Students develop an understanding of the broader historical and legal context of Classical education, demonstrate the ability to articulate the philosophy of Classical (particularly Lutheran) education, and learn to distinguish between various educational philosophies and to assess them in light of Lutheran theology. In addition, students develop facility with teaching methods distinct to Classical (Lutheran) education and acquire practical experience in a Classical education setting by means of a structured student teaching experience.
What to Expect
Students can anticipate engaging the liberal arts at all levels of the program. You will gain a solid foundation in classical culture and the Christian intellectual tradition. You will explore the history, theory and practice of a classical approach to curriculum and pedagogy. You will develop a thorough knowledge of biblical content and demonstrate an understanding of the Christian worldview from a Lutheran perspective. Upon graduation, you will have the broad content knowledge and practical experience that classical schools are looking for in teacher candidates.

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