Philosophy and Theology combined to carry out the Great Commission

The world needs leaders who are able to think deeply about the Christian faith and who know how to share the Gospel compellingly in an age of distraction. What better place to delve into Scripture and its supplemental texts than at one of the premier Lutheran universities in the nation?

Program Overview

This program is designed specifically for students who want to engage in serious theological discussion, and who are not also pursuing an Education or Director of Church Ministries degree.

In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to study the structure of Christian belief and practice. You’ll dive into God’s Word as well as respected Lutheran doctrinal texts to properly frame your thoughts and perspectives before exploring the cultural, political, and theological implications of God’s Word on your daily life. In short, this program is for anyone with an earnest desire to better understand and grapple with God’s message of salvation so that you can communicate it with confidence and zeal for the benefit of the Kingdom.

What to Expect

You’ll be asked to research and defend the Christian faith, and synthesize your knowledge through written and verbal communication. Professors will expose you to various approaches to public theology within different denominations and will compel you to examine the interaction between Christianity and surrounding cultures, both from a current and historical lens. You’ll come to understand how different branches of Christianity react to conflict between Church and State, and you’ll learn to negotiate issues of Christ and culture. And in the midst of all that, we’re confident that the Holy Spirit will be at work through your disciplined and sincere exploration of the Christian faith, and the result will no doubt be a greater impact for His Kingdom.

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