Systematic theology: understanding His message

Scripture alone is the source through which God speaks to us. The 66 books of the Bible were given to us that we might know about our Creator and trust in His promises. What do the messages in Scripture tell us? Why has God chosen these things to reveal about himself? These are the topics we explore in the Christian thought certificate.


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Program Overview

The Christian thought certificate provides students with a solid foundation in Scripture, as well as an understanding of how the Bible, being the only source of Truth, shapes the doctrines of the Christian Church. The coursework thoroughly examines the holy Scriptures, seeking to understand the messages therein and the purpose for which God has revealed them to us.

Through completion of this certificate, students will:

  1. Grow in understanding the Bible, learning to classify biblical teachings into
    a coherent body of Christian doctrine, and apply biblical teaching to contemporary and historical contexts
  2. Students will be able to advocate biblical truth using a variety of communication methods appropriate to the specific audience and sensitive to contemporary listeners, applying law and gospel and apologetics effectively.
  3. Students will evaluate the biblical basis for Christian doctrine, such as the following: the natural knowledge of God based upon reason, experience, and the testimony of the conscience; the revealed knowledge of God based on the inspiration of Scripture; the Trinity; the Fall; original sin; the person and work of Christ; justification; the means of grace; the sacraments; the church and ministry; the doctrine of election

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