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The study of biology connects us to the world in which we live and reminds us of the awe-inspiring intricacies of the Lord’s creation. From the largest ecosystem to the smallest microorganism, each organism and system is designed to seamlessly work together. So if you share an appreciation of wonders great and small, a biology major might be right for you.

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  • Biological Technicians
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The average undergraduate student award is $23,395.

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Program Overview

Understand and connect with the intricate world God designed with a degree in biology. 

If you major in biology at Concordia, you can anticipate learning both inside and outside of the classroom and explore a broad range of disciplines. You will attend lectures and participate in labs and field research to obtain hands-on experience. Many of the required classes are taken in the Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship, a LEEDS Platinum facility designed specifically for laboratory courses that emphasize fieldwork and environmental ethics. 

Over the course of your biological studies, you will take 49 credits of required coursework and 11 credits of related electives. The required coursework provides a strong foundation in the biological sciences, while the elective coursework allows you to focus on your area of interest.

What to Expect

Students who major in biology have a well-rounded range of courses and concentrations to form a comprehensive education base. Biological studies will explore a broad range of disciplines within the life sciences—from botany, zoology, and ecology to cell biology, microbiology, microorganisms, and genetics. You will also take physics, chemistry, communication, and ethics to further deepen your knowledge and understanding of organisms and their processes.

Students who major in biology have the option to complete an undergraduate research project. You will work with faculty members and conduct research in biological studies upon department approval.   

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