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Sign up for a completely free, 3-week preview of a Concordia Core course. No text books, no required homework, just a free trial to see how flexible online courses can be. After completion you'll get a waiver code for a free application.

How does it work?

1. Sign up any time

You'll be registered in our Blackboard digital classroom and receive instructions on how the trial will work. This includes some resources on how to use fully-online resources.

2. Week 1 - Get started

You will be given access to three weeks of course material from one of our Concordia Core classes. There will be a mix of readings, videos, self-scored quizzes and other online learning tools. There is no instructor for this free sample class.

3. Week 3 - Ready to apply?

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Ready to start or finish a Concordia degree? We offer 15+ fully-online, accelerated, undergraduate degrees including Computer Science, Public Service, Healthcare Management, Theology and more!

Free course highlights

Take the first three course modules on your own time, anywhere you have internet access

No homework or textbooks during the free trial

Experience online coursework for yourself at no risk

Get comfortable with Blackboard and other online tools

Start your path to a new online degree for free

Preview the convenience, flexibility and format of our online experience before you invest your money