Called to Lead His Church

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. If you seek to serve the Lord through a career in church work, you have plenty of options at Concordia! Whether you’re new in your faith or have grown up in the Church, Concordia’s programs are specifically designed to help cultivate your God-given gifts so that you can have the greatest impact for His Kingdom.

Find Your Calling

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Pre-Seminary “I strive to honor God, proclaim His Word faithfully, and serve people with love.”


Lutheran Teacher “Having the Word and love of God flow through a school, its studies, and its activities is so powerful.”


Director of Church Ministries “I have gifts that I know are valuable to the church, and there is no greater place to use them than to further the church.”


Parish Music “Music has a profound effect on each of us. When paired with the Gospel message, it’s an especially powerful tool.”

Leading the Way for Church Leaders

Within the Concordia University System, ʰФ has...

  • The largest pre-seminary program (nearly double that of any other Concordia)
  • The second largest LTD (Lutheran Teacher Diploma) program
  • The only Director of Church Ministries program
  • The only Master of Church Music program with on-campus requirements conveniently scheduled over the summer
  • The only parish nursing certificate offered
  • The most LCMS graduate-level learners
  • The largest Lutheran undergraduate population (with 82% of undergraduates identifying as Christian)
  • 100% of geographically mobile church work graduates obtain positions
*Numbers based on Fall 2020 Concordia University System Enrollment Report


Is God calling you to teach the Gospel and administer the Sacraments as an LCMS pastor? We encourage pre-seminary students to take a major in Applied Theology and a major or a minor in Theological Languages. However, Pre-seminary students can major in any program at the university, such as business, education, graphic design, or theology, for example. You will take required courses like New Testament, Biblical Theology, and Greek, in order to provide you with a solid foundation before heading off to Seminary.

Lutheran Teacher

God has called and equipped you to be an inspiration and impact teacher. You will be prepared to share the Gospel using the gifts and platform God has given you. Earn your Lutheran Teacher Diploma in early childhood, elementary, a dual major of early childhood and elementary, special education, and secondary levels, which include numerous majors. Students can focus on concentrations which have been carefully and creatively designed to meet the needs of students for today and tomorrow. Over the past 5 years, we’ve placed nearly 100% of our graduates.

Director of Church Ministries/Pre-Deaconess

Your calling is to serve the Church in evangelism, mission, parish teaching, youth ministry, or even pre-deaconess/social ministry. You’ll be ready to support Bible studies, community outreach, mercy work, and administrative duties. Since no two graduates will have the exact same roles, you’ll take management and leadership courses that will help you adapt to any situation. You’ll get a solid foundation with a theology major, and you’ll diversify your skillset with two minors. The first minor is in church ministries and the second minor is in nonprofit management so that you can understand how operations work at a church or nonprofit organization.

Director of Parish Music

Parish musicians teach the faith through music. Discover the many ways you can serve through Parish Music. From learning to direct choirs and instrumental groups, to supporting the structure of the Divine Service, you’ll develop your skills from training with practicing church musicians. As you learn to lead the congregation through music, you’ll have many opportunities to grow in your vocation as a parish musician.

Financial Assistance for Lutherans

Concordia aims to support lifelong Lutheran learning at all levels. So whether you’re looking at options for your children or yourself, Concordia has a multitude of programs that will prepare you with uncommon compassion, ethical conscience, and unparalleled skill.

Luther Promise

Up to $20,000 for undergraduates of any Lutheran congregation or high school, or dependent of CUS alumni or rostered church workers.  Learn more about the Luther Promise scholarship here.

Luther Scholar Guarantee

Undergraduates who are new freshman, who are planning to be LCMS pastors, and who declare a pre-seminary track are eligible to receive $20,000. Learn more about the Luther Scholar Guarantee here.

Uncommon Scholarship

Employees of Lutheran schools and churches qualify for scholarships on eligible graduate courses or adult accelerated programs. Learn more about the Uncommon Scholarships here.

Church Work Scholarships

Financial aid is specifically reserved for students pursuing per-seminary, Lutheran education, DCM, or parish music. Click here for more details.

Fine Arts Scholarships

Scholarships exist for students pursuing music, theatre, or art involvement at ʰФ. Click here for more details.

Scholarship Endowments

Concordia has a number of scholarship endowments specifically designated for church work students. Based on a student’s financial need, he or she may qualify for assistance from one of these funds. Ask your financial aid advisor for details.

If you would like more information about leaving a legacy by establishing an endowment, click here or contact Dean Rennicke at Dean.Rennicke@cuw.edu.

Applicants may be eligible for other grants or tuition assistance. Each individual is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Visit the pages linked above to connect with the appropriate Admissions rep.


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