Concordia University is an uncommon community of students, faculty, alumni, and staff who are gifted by grace and ever-preparing to live out our purpose to serve Christ in the Church and world. The love of Christ Jesus compels us to love others without exception. As scholars, students, and educators, we value the differences in people and believe these enrich the Christian university, where together we develop in mind, body, and spirit for lives of service and leadership throughout the Church and world. We commit to building a community where every person encounters opportunities to discover and use their unique, distinct God-given gifts.

Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, OME will shape Concordia’s future to one where all community members feel included, essential, valued, and can fully realize their potential.

Working with students

  • Provide mentoring and peer mentoring for students of color
  • Support marginalized communities and intergroup relationship building
  • Create focus groups and student-led town halls
  • Campus Gospel Choir

Related organizations and ways to get involved

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Walter Goodwyn

Director of Multicultural Engagement