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ʰФ's National Security and Space Center (N SSC) is proud to announce our 2nd annual Spring Space Summit with the them e "How to achieve the best future for the United States." Come listen to e xperts discuss important issues regarding the American future in space\, i ncluding technology\, grand strategy\, economics\, national security and m ore!

Keynote Speaker: Orson Scott Card

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  • Mr. Card is a renowned science fiction author\, best known for his novels Ender's Game\, Ender's Shadow\, and Speaker for the Dead. He has pr oduced a number of other works\, including fantasy novels and scripts for plays.
  • Also featuring:

    Gen. John Shaw

    Dr. Joel Mozer

    Professor George Pullen

  • MilkyWay Economy Co-Founder &\; Chief Economist
  • < p>Rick Tumlinson

    Dr. Mart in Edwards

    Dr. Gabriele Rizzo

    A free lunch will be provided to every reg istered guest!


    This event is open to ʰФ &\; CUAA Students\, faculty/staff. alumni\, and community members. Attendance for students and ʰФAA employees is FREE. There is a $20 cost for all others.


    Registration is required by Ap ril 12. To sign up\, click or on the Register Now button.

    Click here to learn more about the event.

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